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Quite literally, "The LAST webinar training you will ever need." A proven, step-by-step system for generating more sign-ups and more sales. Headline templates, Fill-in-the-blank slide templates, pre and post webinar email swipe files, and more....

Who Am I, and Why Should You Listen to Me?

Jon Schumacher has successfully hosted over 200 live webinars in the past few years. He is the co-author of the Amazon Best-Selling book, Hangouts Marketing Mastery: Your Platform to Enhance Visibility, Attracy Ideal Clients, and Increase Revenue.

In 2016, Jon co-hosted one of the biggest online webinar events of the year, the Webinar Mastery Summit.  There were more than 3,000 participants and the summit generated five figures in revenue.  

Jon is a highly sought after coach and "walk-the-talk" mentor. He doesn't just provide training and products that teach people how to sell their products and services. He has used these practices in his own coaching/consulting businesses successfully.

Jon eagerly takes his followers by the "virtual hand" and patiently guides them to shorten their webinar learning curve and implement practices that yield profitable results.

Jon has personally guided other aspiring entrepreneurs in the healthcare, higher education, and finance industries to quickly generate tens of thousands of dollars in online sales using webinars.

Jon has enjoyed faciliating group training programs that have been eagerly consumed by hundreds of students.

Now, he is ready to open the doors to a brand new program that is sure to create a new group of profitable webinar hosts who wow the socks off their target audiences.

What my clients are saying...

"I added over 200 targeted coaching leads to my email list!  Over 230 people registered for my first webinar and over 200 new people were added to my list!  Huge thanks to Jon and Michael for the information and support mastering Google Hangouts!"

Kim Adams

Grief Guide and Coach,

"I sold 24 memberships on my first two Webinars!  I developed an online course, but I did not know how to do a webinar to tell my students about my program. I struggled for weeks looking for support.  After 2 weeks of working with Jon, I felt very proficient with webinars.  Jon gave me some great tips on converting people during and after the webinar."

Dora Farkas


"Before working with Jon, I had only an ebook to sell but no online courses or way to make a significant online income.  After working with Jon for 6 weeks, I sold $5,516 on a webinar and am now working on building out my marketing funnel. Best money I have ever spent"

Dr. Tom Sladic


What You Will Learn Inside The Webinar Mastery Academy (Currently $397 For Lifetime Access)....

  • Module 1: Pain, Product, Profit: Four Simple Steps To Selling Exactly What Your Audience Wants, Every Time.  Learn four simple steps that will allow you to reverse engineer the entire process. Know exactly what your audience wants to buy from you on your webinar.
  • Module 2: Hell-Yeah Headlines: Hook Your Ideal Audience with Conversion Crazy Headlines That Grab People By The Eyeballs and Suck Them In.  Swipe my fill-in-the-blank headline templates and see your webinar sign ups soar. Share your headlines with the instructor and get personal feedback on your specific headline.
  • Module 3: The Four Step Selling System: Four Proven Steps To Structuring Your Webinars For Sensational Sales. How you structure and present your webinar can make the difference between getting zero sales and getting a solid conversion number. Get sample slide decks that you can follow to success. Learn a simple four step system I have used to sell our products like hot cakes. 
  • Module 4: The Sign-Up Stampede: How to Get People Out-Of-Their-Minds Excited to Sign Up and Show Up Every Time.  Get email swipe copy examples to make sure you send sign-up inducing emails to your following.  Learn how to use free webinars and Q&A sessions to build your list.
  • Module 5: Webinar Lead Magnets and Indoctrination:  Stop flushing your Facebook advertising dollars down the drain by sending people, who have no idea who you are, straight to your webinar.  Learn how to build a simple lead generation system to get the right people to your webinars for less. 
  • Module 6: Double Your Show-up Rates: Learn some fast and easy ways to get those who signed up for your webinar, to actually show up live and excited.  
  • Module 7: Present Like a Pro: Learn how to give a live webinar presentation that is so engaging, your audience has to stay until the end (and your offer).
  • Module 8: Fortune in the Follow-up: How to literally avoid leaving half your webinar sales on the table, through a simple follow up method that converts.
  • Module 9: Knowing Your Numbers: Learn the key metrics that will allow you to comfortably spend more in advertising to scale up your webinar attendence and revenue.  
  • Module 10: Finding JV (Joint Venture) Partners and Hosting JV Webinars: Learn how to approach potential partners to reach a new audience and expand your business using webinars. 
  • Module 11: Facebook Advertising for Webinars: Learn how to leverage Facebook paid traffic to fill your webinars without breaking the bank.
  • Module 12: Automated Webinar Funnels:  Create a simple and repeatable automated webinar to build your audience and make sales on autopilot.  
  • Bonus #1: 30-Minute One-on-One Call with Jon: Get your specifc questions answered directly from me. Tech questions, strategy questions. All is fair game. 
  • Bonus #2: Technology Library:  Gain access to an evergrowing library of webinar technology resources and tutorials. 
  • Bonus #3: Expert Monthly Calls:  Upon the official launch of the Webinar Mastery Academy this Fall, you will able to attend monthly expert webinars where you will get continued access to the biggest names in webinar marekting. 
  • Bonus #4: The Webinar Swipe Vault:  Headline templates, example presentation slide decks, product creation summaries, and promotional as well as follow-up email swipe copy. All you need for what to say and how to say it. 

Still Not Sure?

No Worries. This Training Comes With A

60 Day, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee!

Try working with me for 60 days risk-free!  What does that mean?  Participate in all the training. If I don't live up to any of the claims stated here, I don't want your money, and I'll give back every penny. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

I personally look forward to guiding you to profits with webinars!  


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Thank you for joining me and I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

To Your Webinar Success,

Jon Schumacher