For Coaches, Consultants, and Course Sellers…

Jon Schumacher’s

Grand Slam Webinar Offers

An Online Challenge for Crafting Your “Can’t-Say-No” Webinar Offer in Just 5 Days, Even If You Don’t Have a Webinar to Sell With Yet

  • 5-Day Online Challenge | September 11th-15th, 2023

During this easy-to-implement 5-day challenge, you will…

  • Craft your “Can’t-Say-No” offer to sell on a webinar in just 5 days.
  • Discover how to add “Offer Amplifiers” to dramatically increase your sales.
  • Understand the right step-by-step process to present your offer inside your webinar.

Attend the Grand Slam Webinar Offers 5-Day Online Challenge from Your Home Computer

Who This Event is For...

Coaches/ Consultants

Course Sellers

Service Companies

You Have Case Studies That Show Your Solutions Work

You Sell Coaching or Courses

You’re Ready to Sell More Effectively Online in 2023 and Beyond

My Promise To You...

In 5 days time you will have a “Can’t-Say-No” offer you can sell on your webinars with fantastic results!

Here’s the 5-Day Agenda

Day 1 | The OPS Offer Matrix- Foundations for Your “Can’t-Say-No” Offer

Here’s What You’ll Accomplish During Day 1:

  • Gain clarity on your core offer and what your ideal client’s desired outcomes are.
  • Identify the biggest problems your clients will have in obtaining that desired outcome.
  • Build a list of all the potential solutions to solve those problems as quickly and easy as possible.

Day 2 | Building Your Offer Stack

Here’s What You’ll Accomplish During Day 2:

  • Build your Grand Slam Webinar Offer Stack that can 2x-5x your sales results.
  • Create compelling and unique names for the components of your Offer Stack.
  • Strategically price your offer to sell more easily.

Day 3 | Offer Amplifiers - Urgency and Scarcity

Here’s What You’ll Accomplish During Day 3:

  • Add real life, buy-now urgency to your offer.
  • Incorporate action-inducing scarcity and desirability into your offer.
  • Drastically increase the response to your offer by combining the two.

Day 4 | Offer Amplifiers - Risk Reversal and Guarantees

Here’s What You’ll Accomplish During Day 4:

  • Craft a risk-reversing guarantee that doubles the response to your offer.
  • Learn how to reduce the risk to your buyers while reducing your refund risk.
  • Understand the difference between conditional and unconditional guarantees and which to use for your business.

Day 5 | How to Sell Your Offer

Here’s What You’ll Accomplish During Day 5:

  • Compile all the elements of your Grand Slam Webinar Offer in one place, ready to sell.
  • Learn the key mistakes you want to avoid when selling via webinars.
  • Understand the next steps to launching your own profitable webinar.


After I started working with Jon I became proficient in webinars in just 2 weeks. At my very first webinar I converted 6 out of 50 people during the webinar and 7 more after the webinar. After my second webinar I converted 11 people. 

Dora Farkas

Founder of Finish Your Thesis

I've purchased between 20k and 30k in online programs and this challenge was one of the best! It was quite worthwhile so thanks a million!!

Sue Corbin

Owner of EnVisioned Futures

About Jon Schumacher

Over the past 7 years, I've audited, built, and optimized over one hundred sales webinars to the tune of $50 million in client sales. I want to share my best offer optimization strategies with you.

I don't just teach webinars, I do them myself with more than 400 presentations under my belt.

I'm also the host of the Webinar Mastery Summit, the largest online sales webinar conference with more than 13,000 attendees worldwide.

I am currently living in Nevada with my loving wife Alanna and son Logan. I'm a movie buff, sports nut, pet lover, and health enthusiast.

Thank you for coming into my world by being a part of this event!

My Promise to You...

In 5 days time you will have a “Can’t-Say-No” offer you can sell on your webinars with fantastic results!