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Learn a Proven High-Converting Webinar Structure That Sells Your Coaching and Courses

Get my best frameworks for creating your first (or next) profitable webinar or workshop.

  • Learn how to structure the right type of content that pre-sells your attendees and pulls them excitedly towards your offer. I have a three question framework I will share.
  • Learn how to identify the one BIG Belief that your ideal buyers need to understand so they'll open their minds and wallets.
  • Learn to position your course or coaching program so it's 2x to 5x more sellable on your webinar. 

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Coaches (Business, Life, Health)

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Get Access to Profitable Online Events From Your Home Computer

You'll learn a proven, high-converting webinar structure that sells your courses and coaching.

Here’s the Agenda (Available Instantly)

Day 1 | Creating Your Profitable Online Event (Recording is Instantly Available)

During Day 1 You’ll Discover:

  • Why consistently hosting online events like webinars and workshops is the best way to expand your visibility, explode your audience growth, and sell more of your products or services online.
  • The simplified 30,000 foot view of hosting profitable online events that focuses on the essential components while reducing or eliminating everything else.
  • How to select the perfect length and structure of your webinar or workshop that's ideal for your type of buyer.
  • How to create an attractive topic and headline that draws your ideal client to your event.
  • The #1 conversion-killing mistake that will sink your event every time.
  • How to structure the right type of content that pulls your attendees excitedly to your offer.
  • Plus lots of time for individual hot seats and Q&A.

Day 2 | Marketing & Selling With Your Profitable Online Events (Recording is Instantly Available)

During Day 2 You’ll Discover:

  • A simple offer optimization framework that can 2x to 5x the sellability of your offers during your webinar.
  • Your Event Narrative which pre-sells your attendees on what they need to understand about you, themselves, and the opportunity you’re sharing to buy.
  • The three core elements that make up all successful online event marketing campaigns.
  • How to create profitable partnerships that get you in front of thousands of your ideal customers without spending a dime on ads.
  • How to get personalized support from me and my team to implement what you learn.

Day 3 | Roadblocks to Successful Selling with Online Events (Recording is Instantly Available)

During Day 3 You’ll Discover:

  • The top selling mistakes and how to correct them.
  • The top mindset blocks that will slow your growth.
  • The key skill sets to grow your expertise based business exponentially.
  • How you can get personalized help from me and my team.

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  • Get lifetime access to each session so you can go back and watch at any time, go over the deeper parts again, and make sure you don’t get pulled away from any of the learning.
  • Private community to ask questions and get feedback.

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Went from $60,000 per webinar to $110,000 during his next webinar after making a few tweaks that Jon Schumacher recommended.

David Newman, Founder of Do It! Marketing

Was hoping for 5 quality leads but ended up with 46 after Jon Schumacher audited his application funnel.

David Wood, Executive Coach and Founder of Focus.Ceo

Doubled her business

Holly Chantal, Business and Messaging Coach

I was hoping at least 5 awesome entrepreneurs would ask to book a Discovery Session but with the help of Jon Schumacher, I’ve booked 46 entrepreneurs, and so far two thirds are asking to work together! Happily stunned, and it looks like I will need to create a wait list. If you’re looking to hire a business coach, Jon knows his stuff!

David Wood

Executive Coach and Founder of Focus.Ceo

We hired Jon Schumacher, after finding him through a Google Search, to help us build a series of webinars and optimize our marketing funnels. Jon was brilliant to work with. Very professional and punctual, Jon guided us step by step to create two webinars to sell our patent and trademark services. He also helped us significantly improve our sales funnel

D'vorah Graeser

Founder and CEO of KISSPatent

Jon helped us drastically improve our webinar and website lead generation funnels. We implemented some pre-webinar lead generation strategies that helped bring in a large number of high dollar leads. He also showed us how to create automated systems to streamline the process. So much time is now being saved and I wake up to qualified appointments already booked on my calendar

Ernie Delgado

Co-Founder and CEO of Beyond Technology Education

5x the Number of Sales in His Webinar Follow Up

Aaron Lebauer, Healthcare Consultant and CEO of Lebauer Consulting

Built a 7-figure Business

Donna Kozik, Creator of Write a Book in a Weekend

Worked together on webinar copywriting projects that had good success.

Kameron Snow, Copywriter and Marketing Expert

Had a 6x ROI on her ad spend selling her coaching program

Fabienne Raphaël, Business Consultant

About Jon Schumacher

I'm an advisor and mentor for Online Businesses in the Coaching, Consulting, and Online Education spaces.

I’ve been selling courses, programs, consulting, and services 100% online for over 10 years. I’ve run pretty much every kind of online event from webinars, to challenges, to summits, to workshops building an audience of more than 20,000 subscribers and a multiple six-figure annual income while working less than 25 hours per week.

I’ve consulted with billion dollar companies, hundreds of solopreneurs and small businesses, and thousands of students from around the world. My clients and students have collectively generated over 50 million dollars in sales using online events.

My Promise to You...

You'll learn a proven, high-converting webinar structure that sells your courses and coaching.