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Sell with Virtual Presentations

Craft a World-Class Sales Presentation and Close More Clients Online

  • Would you like to follow a step-by-step, fill-in-the-blank process for building your own world class B2B sales presentation?
  • Are you ready to create a one-to-many virtual sales channel that brings you pre-sold and pre-qualified clients, 100% online?
  • Sell with Virtual Presentations will show you how to create a B2B webinar presentation that fills your calendar with pre-sold prospects!

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Who This Workshop is For...

B2B Coaches/ Consultants

Consulting Companies

Service Companies

You Have Case Studies That Show Your Solutions Work

You Sell Via Sales Calls

You’re Ready to Sell More Effectively Online as We Move Into 2021

Get Access to Sell With Virtual Presentations From Your Home Computer

You’ll craft a world-class sales presentation so you can attract and close more pre-sold, pre-qualified clients online.

Here’s the Agenda (Available Instantly)

Day 1 | Your Presentation Building Blocks (Recording is Instantly Available)

When creating your sales presentation, you begin with the end in mind. You work backwards from your unique set of competitively advantaged solutions and the paradigm shifting insights you use to lead people to your solutions. During day one we’ll craft the “building blocks” of your sales presentation using a proven, proprietary process. You'll get a fillable workbook to build your sales messages, so you’ll be creating as we move through day one.

During Day 1:

  • Craft your Solutions Map which clearly shows what makes your solution unique and better than your competitors.
  • Your presentation must shift your prospect’s thinking and action towards the solution you are offering. We will help you come up with the paradigm-shifting insights that will make your prospects look at you like the strategic, high-value asset that you are.
  • Share the solution you sell using a custom built, step-by-step “Outcome Pathway” we create on the spot. Clarity sells, and we’ll make sure your prospects clearly see how you can help.
  • Don’t just offer a free call to your prospects. Learn how to position your sales call as a valuable asset your prospects can’t wait to attend.

Day 2 | Building Your Client Attracting Presentation (Recording is Instantly Available)

Now that we have the core building blocks of your presentation, it’s time to incorporate them into your high-converting slide deck. We'll provide you with a proven, fill-in-the-blank slide deck template and build your masterpiece together.

During Day 2:

  • Craft a compelling headline so that your best prospects are drawn like moths to the light of your presentation.
  • Leverage social proof so your attendees see dollar signs and results pouring out of your business.
  • Become the insightful sage every prospect wants to follow by sharing paradigm-shifting insight early and often.
  • Make your future clients see you as the knowledge expert they want to work with.
  • Double your call booking conversion rate by positioning your “next step” call as a valuable offer not a boring sales conversation.

Day 3 | Attracting High-Paying Clients (Recording is Instantly Available)

Now that you have your presentation, it’s time to put it to work. This section will discuss different ways of using your new presentation to attract and close more clients. Live and recorded webinars will be discussed. Alternative styles of “webinars” will also be demonstrated including demo and drawing-style formats including what technology I use.

During Day 3:

  • Use your virtual presentation in one-on-one, small group, and larger group webinar settings.
  • If you have a warm email list, how can you host more direct offer webinars that will attract the time-pressed, most successful buyers on your list.
  • Using your presentation in live and automated settings.
  • Learn how to build a full-blown presentation funnel to double your close rate and wow your new prospects.

How to Gain Instant Access

Sell with Virtual Presentations Recordings


  • Get lifetime access to each session so you can go back and watch at any time, go over the deeper parts again, and make sure you don’t get pulled away from any of the learning
  • Get the fillable workbook, slide template, and resources from the event


After I started working with Jon I became proficient in webinars in just 2 weeks. At my very first webinar I converted 6 out of 50 people during the webinar and 7 more after the webinar. After my second webinar I converted 11 people. I feel very comfortable with webinars, and Jon gave me great tips on how to convert people during and after the webinar.

Dora Farkas

Founder of Finish Your Thesis

I was hoping for 5 calls booked. But with the help of Jon Schumacher, I’ve had 46 and two thirds are asking to hire me!

David Wood

Founder of Focus.Ceo

About Jon Schumacher

My name’s Jon Schumacher and over the past 6 years I’ve been running a 100% virtual consulting business from the comforts of my home office. I attract prospects online and I close deals online with people all over the world. I want to help you do the same.

I’m the President of Marketing Mastery Media INC dba a digital marketing consultancy focused on helping consulting and service companies attract and enroll more high paying clients using my proprietary virtual presentations sales system.

I’m also the host of the world’s largest online sales webinar conference, the Webinar Mastery Summit which has reached tens of thousands of webinar hosts around the world.

My Promise to You...

You’ll craft a world-class sales presentation so you can attract and close more pre-sold, pre-qualified clients online.