The Success of My Clients Speaks for Itself...
Ryan Barba
"I Made $35,000 in 7 Days!"

"Within a month of hiring Jon and Cody, I generated over $70,000 in revenue, and had an effective marketing funnel that was consistently generating not only leads, but clients.  I couldn’t be happier or more optimistic about the future of my business and couldn’t be more appreciative of the assistance of Cody and Jon."

Ellen McDowell
"My webinar had a 60% show up rate and I closed 18%"

"The follow-up system resulted in deeper relationships and positioned me as an expert with my audience. I now have the recurring income I need to grow."

Raleigh Latham
"$77,000 from just one webinar!"

"Final sales tally for our last webinar...$77,000. Holy crap. A big change from living in my car taking jobs on Craigslist last summer."

Farnoosh Torabi
"Thanks to Jon and his team for their step-by-step help"

I was able to create a dynamic webinar and the marketing infrastructure to attract top clients for my program. Thank you, Jon!"

Dr. Tom Sladic
"Sold $5,516 on my first webinar!"

"I sold $5,516 in online training on my first webinar that I created. Now working on building out my marketing funnel. Best money I have ever spent."

Maya White
"10 sales on my first webinar"

"I closed 10 sales on my first webinar. Thank you for your sincere interest and effort in helping me grow my business!"

Created a High-Ticket Funnel That Added Multiple 6-Figures
Over $400,000 in Online Courses Using My Webinar System
Over $70,000 Generated on $10,500 in Ad Spend in 30 Days
From No Webinar Sales to 18% Close on Her Next Presentation
5x the Number of Sales in His Webinar Follow Up
From $5,000 Webinar to a $75,000 Webinar
Beginner Makes 10 Sales on Her First Webinar
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