What Others Say About Jon Schumacher And His Team....

Went from $60,000 per webinar to $110,000 during his next webinar after making a few tweaks that Jon Schumacher recommended.

David Newman, Founder of Do It! Marketing

Was hoping for 5 quality leads but ended up with 46 after Jon Schumacher audited his application funnel.

David Wood, Executive Coach and Founder of Focus.Ceo

Over $400,000 in New Sales Using My Sales System

Raleigh Latham, CMO Soil Foodweb School

I was hoping at least 5 awesome entrepreneurs would ask to book a Discovery Session but with the help of Jon Schumacher, I’ve booked 46 entrepreneurs, and so far two thirds are asking to work together! Happily stunned, and it looks like I will need to create a wait list. If you’re looking to hire a business coach, Jon knows his stuff!

David Wood

Executive Coach and Founder of Focus.Ceo

We hired Jon Schumacher, after finding him through a Google Search, to help us build a series of webinars and optimize our marketing funnels. Jon was brilliant to work with. Very professional and punctual, Jon guided us step by step to create two webinars to sell our patent and trademark services. He also helped us significantly improve our sales funnel

D'vorah Graeser

Founder and CEO of KISSPatent

Jon helped us drastically improve our webinar and website lead generation funnels. We implemented some pre-webinar lead generation strategies that helped bring in a large number of high dollar leads. He also showed us how to create automated systems to streamline the process. So much time is now being saved and I wake up to qualified appointments already booked on my calendar

Ernie Delgado

Co-Founder and CEO of Beyond Technology Education

5x the Number of Sales in His Webinar Follow Up

Aaron Lebauer, Healthcare Consultant and CEO of Lebauer Consulting

Built a 7-figure Business

Donna Kozik, Creator of Write a Book in a Weekend

Worked together on webinar copywriting projects that had good success.

Kameron Snow, Copywriter and Marketing Expert

Had a 6x ROI on her ad spend selling her coaching program

Fabienne Raphaël, Business Consultant

It took a year from the time I met Jon until the stars aligned for us to work together. He provided an audit of an existing webinar. Jon delivered a lot of value in a short timeframe. If you want a shortcut to webinar success, you found the right guy.

Noah Rosenfarb

CPA, Investor, Principal at Freedom Wealth Advisors LLC

When I need to improve my webinars, whether it’s to get more registrations, increase attendance, improve conversion rates or anything else, Jon is my go-to expert. I applied what Jon teaches about how to structure your webinar content in order to get more sales and it made a huge difference. After just one attempt at restructuring using Jon’s method I went from a conversion rate of less than 2% to just over 5%!

Andrew Hubbard

Digital Marketing Thought Leader & International Speaker

A shout-out to Jon Schumacher who explained how to “Netflix” prospects. Since we implemented Jon's system, the quality of our prospects skyrocketed and tier-kickers almost disappeared. Thank you, Jon! We're now able to run a smooth and efficient operation.

Alinka Rutkowska

CEO of Leaders Press

Full Interviews With Past Clients

Sold More Than $10M in Online Programs

Danielle Leslie

Created a High-Ticket Funnel That Added Multiple 6-Figures

Navid Moazzez, CEO and Founder of Virtual Summit Mastery

From 10k per month to more than $30k per month using an automated webinar

Stephen Leung, Founder of Marketing Tip HK