“I hate this job!” “I just want freedom!” Do these two statements sound familiar?

Forbes reported that according to a survey conducted by the Conference Board, last year, 52.3% of all workers were unhappy with their jobs. Other recent Gallup Poll survey showed as high as 70% were unhappy.

And boy can I relate.

I was where many of you likely are now. Feeling “stuck” at a job or in a career that you are no longer passionate about. After working diligently as a physical therapist for 3 years, I was burnt out. I wanted more time, mobility, and income than I was getting. I didn’t want to open a practice and be tied to a physical location for years either. So I started studying online business and marketing with ambitions of leaving my job ASAP.

But it didn’t come easy. In fact, it took me four years, two failed websites, two failed MLM ventures, and a brief “career” in trading equities before I finally found a ridiculously simple model that set me free.   I worked 12 hour days while keeping my job for those four years. It sucked. But I learned a ton about what it takes to finally create a simple freedom business fast when you do it the right way.

It has been 7 months since leaving my eight-year career to work full time in my online business helping other passionate authors, coaches, and online product creators launch their products, host webinars, and build an online lifestyle business of their own.

Below is the simple, 3-step formula that I used to finally get free after chasing shiny objects and “secret ninja” ideas for more than four years.

My Simple 3-Step Formula for Ditching the 9-5

  1.  I found a skill that others were willing to pay for. In my case, it was marketing coaching and consulting. After intensive study, over the four years I was still working, I developed a lot of skills in the online marketing space. This was something I knew people were willing paying for and it was something I loved teaching.

What skill are you good at, that you also love, and that others are willing to pay you for? You need all three of these to really have a good idea in my opinion.

Exercise- Take out a piece of paper and create three columns. One column for what you are passionate about, one for what you are good at, and the last for what people are currently paying for. Start writing as much as you can in each column and find a match. Error towards the “passionate” side as skills can be learned very quickly these days through online courses, free videos, and books.

  1. I started freelancing that skill on the side. Whether you are a coach, consultant, or technical designer, getting clients to work with you online is, in my opinion, the fastest and most profitable activity that will help you ditch your 9-5. Trying to sell information products without a big following is very tough, but finding 2-3 paying clients in your first month is very doable, plus you can charge much more for your individual time than selling your ideas in an info product.

This one mind-shift made a profound difference for me. Before, I was always trying to create “passive” income right off the bat, when I really was not in a position to yet do that. After working with a few clients, I was then able to create more leveraged models around their wants and pains, including online group coaching, online boot camps, and online courses.

  1. I found ways to build leverage off my skill. Now that I was working with online clients, I developed a framework and system for getting those client results. The framework served as the template I used to create an online course to sell to my growing audience. I also have used that same framework to create congruent online boot camps, videos, blog posts, etc that have attracted even more clients.

Those 3 steps were the reason I was able to walk away from an 8-year career I was no longer passionate about and literally replace my income in the first 2 weeks.

  1. Find a Profitable Skill
  2. Start Freelancing That Skill on the Side
  3. Find Ways to Leverage That Skill

If you just do the first two well, you should create enough income to leave your job.

There are still many ups and downs for me along this journey. Some months have been better than others. But the truth remains I would rather have freedom and unlimited upside potential than grinding out a job I am unhappy with.

Dare to live life on your own terms. The road will be scary, but the rewards are so worth it! “Take the “jump.”


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