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Brad Smith’s 3Es for Leading People

In this video, I am going discuss a framework that you can use as you interact with your team or clients. It is composed of three aspects: EnergizeEducateEmpower Watch the video below to know more! What did you think of this video? Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notifications when new video tips are available!…

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webinar funnel


A Step-By-Step Walkthrough of a Simple Five-Page Webinar Funnel That Brings You High-Paying Clients Like Clockwork Prelude I intend for this guide to be the single best piece of content on the internet with regards to Webinar Application Funnels. I am constantly testing and tweaking this process with my own funnels as well as my…

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7 Ways to Expand Your Profits and Your Audience

If you’re a subject matter expert making around $100,000-$400,000 per year congratulations. You’ve created a solid offer and sold that offer to your current audience successfully. You can have a very successful expert business with a small but strong network of contacts selling a high-end offer. I have several friends and clients who have reached…

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high end offer

5 Steps to Optimizing Your High-End Offer and Attracting Your Perfect Clients

Most coaches, consultants, or service providers have it all backward. Does this sound familiar? You spend tens of thousands of dollars on a marketing funnel agency. You consult together on your webinar. You look over and practices your slides. You record your webinar. After a couple of months, you finally have your funnel ready to…

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How to Eliminate Objections Before You Get on the Phone

We’ve all had it happen. We get a new prospect on the phone. We build rapport. We uncover their biggest problems. We ask them where they want to go. We take notes. We “Stretch the Gap” and connect the dots between their problems and our program. We are excited! This person sounds like the perfect…

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webinar conversion

27 Webinar Conversion Points That Can Double Your Revenue

After working with clients who have generated over a million dollars in webinar sales, hosting over 300 webinars myself, and collaborating with more than 40 of the top webinar minds in the world, I have learned a thing or two about creating high-converting webinar campaigns 🙂 Below are 27 of my best strategies for optimizing…

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clickfunnels review

Clickfunnels Review: Clickfunnels vs Leadpages Review

Clickfunnel Funnels Vs Leadpages Review You’re reading this Clickfunnels review because like many other people, you’re wondering whether ClickFunnels is more suitable for building your sales funnels and landing pages, or would LeadPages be a better choice. Both are robust software services and are quite good at what they do. Both have their own unique…

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webinar headline

How to Create a Compelling Webinar Headline

Are you stuck trying to create a compelling webinar headline? Not sure if your title will grab people by the eyeballs? Watch this short video to learn a few key distinctions that can dramatically improve your webinar hook. Summary Focus on the four building blocks of an effective headline: Pains Benefits Numbers Timelines Try This Webinar…

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webinar sign ups

3 Ways to Get More Webinar Sign ups

Are you struggling to get people to sign up and actually show up live to your webinars? You are not alone. The second most common question I get from webinar hosts of all levels is “How can I get more people to sign up for my webinar?” I’m glad you asked! In this post, I…

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webinar software

The Ultimate Guide to Webinar Software and Equipment

Not sure what webinar software to use? Without a doubt, the most common question I get from newer or even intermediate level webinar hosts is “What webinar software should I use?” I’ve been getting this question so much that I’ve decided to put together “The Ultimate Guide to Webinar Software and Equipment.” In this guide,…

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