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About Jon

Webinar Coach, Author, Consultant

Jon is a webinar coach and online marketing consultant. Jon’s coaching clients have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales using webinars.


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5 Steps to Optimizing Your High-End Offer and Attracting Your Perfect Clients

Most coaches, consultants, or service providers have it all backward.   Does this sound familiar?   You spend tens of thousands of dollars on a marketing funnel agency.   You consult together on your webinar.   You look over and practices your slides.   You record your webinar.   After a couple months, you finally…

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How to Eliminate Objections Before You Get on the Phone

We’ve all had it happen.   We get a new prospect on the phone.   We build rapport.   We uncover their biggest problems.   We ask them where they want to go.   We take notes.   We “Stretch the Gap” and connect the dots between their problems and our program.   We are…

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27 Webinar Conversion Points That Can Double Your Revenue

After working with clients who have generated over a million dollars in webinar sales, hosting over 300 webinars myself, and collaborating with more than 40 of the top webinar minds in the world, I have learned a thing or two about creating high-converting webinar campaigns 🙂   Below are 27 of my best strategies for…

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