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About Jon

Webinar Specialist, Author, Consultant

Jon is an online marketing coach and consultant that walked away from a healthcare career to pursue his dreams in helping his fellow authors, coaches, and online entrepreneurs create freedom and make a difference with their online businesses.


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How to Create a Compelling Webinar Headline

Are you stuck trying to create a compelling webinar headline? Not sure if your title will grab people by the eyeballs? Watch this short video to learn a few key distinctions that can dramatically improve your webinar hook. Summary Focus on the four building blocks of an effective headline: Pains Benefits Numbers Timelines Try This Webinar…

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3 Ways to Get More Webinar Sign ups

  Are you struggling to get people to sign up and actually show up live to your webinars? You are not alone. The second most common question I get from webinar hosts of all levels is “How can I get more people to sign up for my webinar?” I’m glad you asked! In this post,…

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The Ultimate Guide to Webinar Software and Equipment

  Without a doubt, the most common question I get from newer or even intermediate level webinar hosts is “What webinar software should I use?” I’ve been getting this question so much that I’ve decided to put together “The Ultimate Guide to Webinar Software and Equipment.” In this guide, I will be providing the pros…

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