You Are In! I Have Received Your Questionnaire!

Here Are The Next Steps To Get Ready For Your Call...

STEP 1 - Review the Materials Below

Below I have shared a few speeches, interviews, and articles I have written. Review these before our call. This will help you to get familar with who I am, who I have helped as well as my teaching style and personality.

STEP 2 - Have a Business Partner?

If you have a business partner, either have them review my materials with you and/or have them on the call with you. It is the best use of all our time if all decision makers are present.

STEP 3 -Do your Due Diligence

Before your call with me, I want you to do your due diligence. There is a ton of content online about me. In addition to the information below, you can enter my name into Google and/or Youtube to watch videos and read articles. Between, now and our call, familarize yourself with me. I don't want the excuse that "I don't know you well enough" to be the reason we don't move forward if I make the offer to work together.

Review These Materials Prior To Our Call...

To make the best use of our call, please take some time to review the materials below. They will give you a good idea of how I work with my clients and past results my clients have gotten.

Client Cases Studies and Testimonials

Here are a few clients I’ve recently worked with. My clients have done over $10M in sales the past couple of years

Speeches, Interviews, and Articles I’ve Done Recently...

Hear What My Client's Say About Working With Me

..With just a few key insights from Jon, I was able to shift my business in a massive way. I went from working with low-paying clients to handling high-caliber, high-ticket clients...


CEO of

As someone who has personally been working with Jon over the past few months, I can say my business has generated more revenue since we started, than in the few Years before it.


CEO of, America's Leading Relationship Writer

After working with Jon I now have a process for bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars on an ongoing basis.


CEO of Virtual Summit Mastery

Navid Moazzez

Stephen Leung

Founder of Marketing Tip HK

Raleigh Latham

CMQ Soil FoodWeb School

Aaron Lebauer

Maya White

Sanra Fidelis