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The #1 Mistake That Will Kill Your Sales Webinar, Every Time

Make this mistake and your sales webinar is sunk.

I have worked with webinar hosts of all different skill levels over the past couple of years and even the most experienced get this one wrong.

What is this killer mistake?

We are all passionate experts.  We want to wow our audience by showing how smart we are.  We also don’t want our webinar to be a glorified pitchfest full of fluffy crap with no meat. So we go overboard in the other direction.

We over teach the HOW…

In fact, we give so much information that people are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated before we even get to our offer (which we usually spend less than 5% of the webinar on).

The biggest killer of your sales webinar is spending 95% of your time over teaching the HOW and only 5% on your offer.

Your content section should be no more than 70% of your webinar, leaving you plenty of time for your offer.

Not only that but we get the TYPE of content we teach wrong.

The goal of your content section is NOT to give a step by step “how-to” process. Step 1 is…..Step 2 is…..Step 3 is…..

This is the surest way to have people walk away from your webinar feeling like they got more than they ever wanted and then some.

How to Teach the Right Content

The goal of your sales webinar is to “teach away objections.” Read that statement again.

When crafting the content section of your webinar, ask yourself, “What are the objections people would have to do what I am teaching and buying my product or service?”

Make a list of 3-5 objections.  Depending on your niche, things like: “I don’t have time for that.” “This is too technical for me.” “I don’t want to stop eating sugar.”

“Teaching away” these objections will be the main target in the content section of your webinar. Give one of your best tips that will break each objection or false belief.  You want your audience to reframe these wrong thoughts thus making them more likely to take action on what you are teaching and buy your program at the end of the webinar.

After “teaching away” the objection, use a story or case study example to reinforce the point you just made.

A good story will help drive home the fact that their original objection was false. Try to use an example of someone similar to your audience.  People relate to people.  Stories truly do instruct, inspire, and sell.

By breaking objections in the content section you are paving the way for an easy transition to your offer where no hard sell will be required.

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